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collateral damage

ナイトメア Icon Challenges

ナイトメア ♥
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Welcome to NAITOMEA_IC, an icontest community centering on Nightmare, a JRock band.
Feel free to join the community to get updated with the current themes and polls!

    ; R U L E S —     ; I C O N S —

Submit your icons through a comment on the post that states the theme.

Maximum size for an icon must be 100*100px.

Do not post your submitted icons anywhere else until the winners are announced.

This is to keep the anonymity of the icons in a poll.

Be reminded of the deadlines.

However, if the voting poll is not yet posted and it was already past the deadline, you can continue submitting your icons.

Please use the following format when submitting your icons:


Do not forget the URL and use a reliable image host.

    ; P O L L S —     ; L I N K S —

Vote for your favorite icons through a comment on the post that shows all the entries. The number of winners vary depending on the number of icons submitted and the people who participated. There will be three winners, a Mod's Choice, and a Special Category if ever there is an ample amount of submissions for a theme. Do not vote for your own icon.

Moderator: Angelique

Affiliates: Asian Music Stillness, Bou Icontest, JRock Stillness, Naitomea @ LJ, SID Icontest, Song-a-Month, Visual Stills (apply?)

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